I believe care must be customized
to each patient because the practice
of medicine is not a “one size fits all”.

William B. Evans, M.D.

Our Mission Statement

I pursued the creation of this website to become both more transparent and accountable. My hope is that it will give patients and referring doctors the opportunity to know exactly what type of doctor I am. Most websites have physician’s credentials and CV/resume. This website will give more detail to my skill level, experience, ongoing education, and pursuit to provide high-quality care.

My goal is to be the kind of physician that health care workers go to or send their family members to see.
I work hard to be acclimated to the body-mind connection.
Throughout my career, the 2 main aspects of being a doctor I want to excel in are:

  1.  Procedural skill or Proceduralist – The most important to patients is my technical skill doing endoscopic procedures. It has been proven in studies that complication rates with procedures and surgery are lower with those physicians who do more and have more experience.
  2.  Diagnostician – to be a good listener with a compassionate spirit and become an educator to my patients.
  3.  Preserve my patients’ autonomy (regulating self) by not prescribing the path they should take, but rather describe options available and let them chose (with my guidance) the best decision.
  4.  I am not only a doctor, but, unlike when I started practicing on my own, I am a patient now. I have had both an upper endoscopy (EGD) and a colonoscopy. I am a son who has been on the patient side when I had to navigate and take care of my mom after surgery for esophageal cancer 3 years ago. 9 years ago, I took care of my first born son who was very ill for 3 ½ months in a NICU before he passed away. These experiences give me both life experience and perspective that I feel can help me be a better physician.